Résumé du projet de valorisation de l’expertise du GC par le numérique :


The gorgeous clothes of the Victorian era have captured our imaginations due to their elegance and incredible detail. However, we often forget the important role that undergarments played in creating the period’s characteristic silhouettes. Drawing on our costumers’ expertise, we’ve created a brief overview of each type of underwear that contributed to the exceptional styles of the Victorian era.


Le Grand Costumier offrira sa toute première formation sur la prise de mesures, préparation essayages et retouches. La formation sera donnée les samedis 15 et 22 février  de 10h à 14h30 dans l'atelier du Grand Costumier, avec la formatrice Louise Jobin.

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Submissions for the Canadian Costume Design and Crafts Awards are open until November 18th. See all details here, for applications in English and French.


The upcoming American drama series, based on Annie Proulx's eponymous novel, had several costumes made at Le Grand Costumier. Watch the magnificent behind-the-scenes sneak peek here.

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Le Grand Costumier had the pleasure of welcoming the team from La Presse + in its space recently. Following the meeting, a wonderful article was published in the popular newspaper, highlighting their interview with Marie Houde, our executive director. Read the article here.



Le Grand Costumier will offer his very first training on the maintenance, fitness and transformation of men's and women's hats. This training will be given on Saturday, March 30th, April 6th and April 13th from 10 am to 1 pm in the workshop of Le Grand Costumier, with the trainer Lucie Grégoire. 


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Phone: 438-896-4646


Busy trip in Vancouver for Le Grand Costumier including visits of costume departments and studios of The Man in the High Castle, The Terror and Siren as well as a cocktail with many costume designers! Le Grand Costumier is starting to make his place on the west coast !


Le Grand Costumier is happy to unveil its new website and promotional videos. 

Three promotional videos were realized in collaboration with Koze.TV. We present you today a capsule that will take you back in time! Make sure you don't miss anything about the unveiling of the next videos and follow us!


Networking in Vancouver // January 22-25
With great excitement, Le Grand Costumier will travel to Vancouver from January 22nd to 25th to participate in a networking event with costume designers in order to give way to new collaborations! During this trip, Marie Houde, Executive Director, will be accompanied by Danielle Fagen, Costume designer, and Louisa Mehailia, Business development consultant. We want to warmly thank Carole Griffin, Costume Supervisor for the production The Man in the High Castle, who initiated and organized this visit!


Tuesday, Novembre 22th was taking place the Grand Costumier official opening appening! More than 200 people from the cultural and the social economy sector, governments, donors and volunteers attended to this unique event.

The evening was also the occasion to recongnize the tremendous contribution of Le Mouvement Desjardins, for 3 year sponsoship of 100 000$.

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