“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Coco Chanel



Le Grand Costumier is a social enterprise and non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the integrity of the costume collection it received from Radio-Canada, and to expand it and manage it for the creative community. Its intent is to spread word of the priceless cultural heritage the collection represents and promote the costume professions through a variety of activities aimed at the community.


Le Grand Costumier is part of our collective history. For over 60 years, Radio-Canada’s costume department dressed the beloved characters that sparked our imaginations and left their mark on generations. When the department closed its doors, Le Grand Costumier was able to save the collection in its entirety, taking on the duty to enhance and promote the wealth it represents.

Holding the building blocks of the creative arts, Le Grand Costumier was created primarily to serve artists. Its intent is to provide a high-quality, diverse collection and to always improve its offer. It vows to adapt to industry needs, weave close ties with costume designers and act as a meeting place accessible to as many people as possible.

Shining jewel of the cultural sector, Le Grand Costumier represents Quebec’s homegrown creativity. It gives Montréal a considerable competitive advantage for attracting foreign location shoots and enables the city to position itself as a cultural metropolis. As such, this showpiece of our collective legacy must grow boldly, confident in its ability to appeal to a wide market.


Heritage preservation

Preserve the integrity and entirety of the collection donated by Radio-Canada by valuing the priceless cultural heritage it represents.


Serve the creative community first and foremost, adapt to its needs and act as a meeting place accessible to as many people as possible.


Always act in accordance with the principles of social economy while making sure the organization remains financially viable.


Value innovation, encourage new ideas and foster audacity.