Professional Training

Our collection contains a rich living heritage: the expertise of the artisans who crafted numerous pieces with a quality of workmanship that is no longer available today.

Our master classes, our documentation centre and our internship program work to preserve this valuable expertise and to build bridges between up-and-coming and established designers.


Master classes

Please note that the training offered by Le Grand Costumier is suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep you informed when this service is available again. We invite you to register on our waiting list for one of the two training courses offered, by contacting us at

Le Grand Costumier ensures the transmission of expertise in the costume-making trades by offering professional trainings. Intended for both up-and-coming and established designers, our master classes are taught by seasoned creators and cover many areas of expertise.




Louise Jobin 


2 periods of 4 hours


8 to 10 people. This training is not intended for the general public.

The purpose of this course is to provide costume workers with basic skills to maintain, repair, adjust, modify and trim men's and women's hats.

 the full class outline here (in French only).


- How to optimize the preparation and progress of a costume fitting by taking the measurements of the people to be dressed and the clothes chosen.

- How to make an efficient fitting with a minimum of alterations .

Prices (before taxes):

$200 for all 2 courses.


For more information, contact or 438-896-4646.



Each year, Le Grand Costumier welcomes interns from various backgrounds. These internships allow different generations of designers to make important connections, and serve to enhance the collection’s exceptional pieces. To become an intern, contact us at​.

Research Centre

Our Research Centre is located in a bright and comfortable space where you can browse through a wide selection of more than 750 books, encyclopedias, magazines, archives and period patterns at your leisure, for consultation on site or for loan.

See our Research Centre page for more information.